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What are customers saying about our products.

alex laurel

Alex Laurel

12 years ago, my first housing was a Liquid Eye. Since then, I’ve worked with all his competitors, to finally come back to reason and use those yellow housings. They’re super light but strong as a rock, really comfortable to work with and reliable. The service that the company offers is the best in the biz, fast and professional. For whatever reasons, you need to ship your housing back to the factory, they will send it back in no time and for professional photographers, time is money.


anthony caldo

Anthony Caldo

I choose Liquid Eye because the quality/price ratio was and is the best on the market. Additionally, I like that the design of the C1900 allows you to use several different DSLR¹s. I think Liquid Eye’s are also the best looking housings out there.


antoine justes

Antoine Justes

I was a complete beginner when I first bought my Liquid Eye housing. I chose Liquid Eye because many other photographers recommended it to me. I like my housing very much because it is very easy to use, it is so lightweight and the size is small. It makes it easy to move in the water.


antoine quinquis

Antoine Quinquis

While water-shooting, what I want is to feel free to change my positioning relative to the ambient light and the action; so it is important that my gear be lightweight and easy to handle. That’s why I chose Liquid Eye, my water-housing truly make it easier for me to adjust my position so that I can achieve the shots that I dream about at night.


axel piperno

Axel Piperno

I chose Liquid Eye simply because you are the only one who offers such a great product at an affordable price! I’m not a professional photographer but I just have the passion for surfing and the sea, photography came along, but never as a business! Thanks for making that happen and thanks for always supporting my dream!


axel reese

Axel Reese

In the past I used a couple of different water-housings. Each of them had several weak points in the designs. So I prefer your water-housings because of the weight, of the stiffness and so on and so on. No doubt that my next water-housing will be a “Liquid Eye” as well!


benoit flechet

Benoit Flechet

Liquid Eye has the best quality / price ratio on the market and their customer service is friendly, fast and efficient.


benoit fournier

Benoit Fournier

I first used Liquid Eye’s water-housing to shoot surf and I quickly transitioned to shooting more artistic shots. The housing has enabled me to get way more creative with unusual angles. Thanks to the user friendliness of the design and the quality of the craftsmanship. It’s also the safest housing out there.


cesar ancelle hansen

Cesar Ancelle-Hansen

To me, Liquid Eye has the best quality to price ratio on the market. Liquid Eye always responds very quickly to my messages and is always very helpful on any issues encounter in my water photography Thank you!


clement philippon

Clement Philippon

After more than a year of using this Liquid Eye water-housing, I cannot get away from it cause I do not wanna miss any good session. I am really happy and I am thinking to upgrade soon to a pro-model. Thanks to Liquid Eye.


ephrem laupie

Ephrem Laupie

I really appreciate the building materials, buoyancy and lightness of Liquid Eye’s water-housings. It allows me to swim faster and be at the right place all the time. I can also find original, extreme angles and shoot closer to the rider thanks to the great manageability of the pistol grip.


georges karbus

Georges Karbus

I always work in the water, for diving I use Subal and for surf and waves photography Liquid Eye. There are simple and light weight housings with good water flow on lens port so no water drops on your photographs.


jan bijl

Jan Bijl

I came across Liquid Eye water-housings while looking for a European based producer of water-housings and also because of the fast delivery. I use the D300 housing C1891 mainly with a port for the 10.5 mm lens, and sometimes a port for the 17-55 mm The housing enables me to use all the controls on the camera body, which makes it perfect for all sorts of photography, not only action shots.


jeff ruiz

Jeff Ruiz

When I was looking for my first housing I have been attracted by a name : Philippe Chevodian. I am about 37 years old and I am in the surf thing since my young age. This name ring some bell to me, it was one of the photographer who gave me the will to become a photographer and it was now the designer for Liquid Eye. Nothing more attractive could be possible. So it was without any hesitation I decided to order my first housing with Liquid Eye. It was easy to speak with Philippe, he gave me very sharp and useful explanations about water-photography, he was fast and serious. All those made me even more comfortable for ordering an housing with Liquid Eye. The water-housing he made for me is extremely sturdy and reliable even in the worst situation in a thick South West France beach break situation. It was all good!

jeremy lage

Jeremy Lage

I bought my first housing in July 2009, an e-model C1900 for my Canon EOS 40D. Before buying my housing I had many questions and Liquid Eye¹s team of pros answered every one of my questions. The quality of my housing, the pistol grip and the ports is excellent and I¹m confident that I will sign up for a second housing C1793S for my 7D. All I can say is that these guys are really professional.


jeremy wilmotte

Jeremy Wilmotte

I am a photographer from Sydney Australia and have now been using Liquid Eye water housings for a year. The housings are super light and have a good firm pistol grip while swimming around. The zoom control system is great and much more precise then previous housings i have used. Any questions I had in regards to the housing was always answered within 48 hours and Philippe was very helpful when problems needed to be resolved with the housing.


julien gazeau

Julien Gazeau

Liquid Eye’s housings match my needs perfectly with reliability, light weight, and ergonomics all in a stunning design. Also, the trigger system is perfect. After 3 years of heavy use, my first housing is still as reliable as ever.


julien le prevost

Julien Le Prevost

Liquid Eye was my first housing for several reasons-First, because it is very affordable. I own an e-model C1900 which made it possible for me to start water-photography on a very limited budget. Second, now that I am advancing, I find that because of its modular design, the housing is not limiting me because it can be enhanced with extra accessories such as new front plates for others lenses. Once my skill level rises, I will be looking to go for the even more advanced pro-model line. A very easy and friendly relationship with Philippe, Liquid Eye’s designer, has made me even more convinced that I made the right choice by going with Liquid Eye. These water-housings offer water-shots photography at its best.

mat ladebat

Mat Ladebat

The water-housings are very easy to use, it does not take me even 5 min. to set it up. I like very much the ergonomics and the weight is very nice.

matt smith

Matt Smith

I chose the Liquid Eye water-housing system due to it’s compact, lightweight yet incredibly strong and reliable construction. I’ve been using Liquid Eye for 4 years now and it’s never let me down!

mikala jones

Mikala Jones

Liquid Eye water-housings are strong and reliable. Build to last and with stand a beating. Still being light and stylish at the same time. I can travel around the world and count on my water-housing making the journey. Phillipe is a master craftsman/mad rocket scientist. Always thinking of new way to perfect the art of water-photography. As well as protecting your gear.

seb huruguen

Seb Huruguen

Reliability, lightweight are the keys for a good housing. Liquid Eye has made some very achieved products to perfectly match with the water-photographers request without compromising the essentials keys. I was seduced by the design and the materials, the technology and a quality handcraft at a very competitive price.


stephane fournet

Stephane Fournet

I started to use Liquid Eye’s housing in 2002 after I met Philippe Chevodian. What makes him a real pro is his passion for water-shots and his ability to meet all of my special requests; at first on his flash housings and then more recently on his latest models.


vincent dunogue

Vincent Dunogue

I like that Liquid Eye’s housings are very ergonomic, well balanced, and simple to use. I also like that they are reliable and easy to maintain.


yohan espiaube

Yohan Espiaube

I am fully equipped with Pentax. That is why i ask to Liquid Eye to find a solution for my not very common DSLR. The challenge was completely achieved by Philippe Chevodian and his staff as they perfectly matched their model with my gear and my needs. The water-housing is light, very easy to use and it is quickly become a true mate for my water sessions.